Well, I was gliding along the Internet's electrons, and wouldn't someone believe this: the Editor's Letter for Vanity Fair magazine, written by the Editor-in-Chief, himself. The "letter" is entitled, The Pariah Shortage. See http://www.vanityfair.com/magazine/2013/….

The information level of this letter will astonish you, but my observation was the question of whom to blame. My answer was a quick, "who should be?" There is no doubt that people involved in economic woes should be blamed but it is more likely that they have been overlooked to a certain extent. Take a peek at Charles Ponzi and Bernard Madoff for bilking and siphoning wallets.

Now, however, we are talking about hundreds of millions or even trillions depending on the recovering costs! Who is to blame? Those with enough angst? Okay we need pariahs. Who qualifies for the S&L failing or the subprime lending crisis? Had anyone question Chrysler when government money was requested to saved it from collapse?

What we need is official oversight of the economic structure, not ghost pariahs.