What can I say about The Deal? Is it retro-art, high art (by exemplification), conceptional art, contemporary art, or ultra-contemporary? The characters switch roles, where the Joker prevails in a psycho-match with the hero, Batman. Much is being introduced here, including emotions, transcendence, and (most likely)… » 11/11/13 10:56am 11/11/13 10:56am

I know this is kinda weird or grotesque! Indeed, something so fantastic deserves the important word that denotes its art form. I've seen similar concepts in the past, some hiding the real details "inside" the framing of the gown. You know ... it was a lich ... yeah, a LICH. Well, this new Frankenstein Cyborg is more… » 10/26/13 12:42pm 10/26/13 12:42pm

I think the producers are on the right track, the example being Into the Darkness, where starfleet was having problems at home controlling terrorists or loyalists. Then there was also superhuman beings and the special ops ship. In the past episodes of Star Trek, the fleet battles were always of interest, but also the… » 10/11/13 2:18pm 10/11/13 2:18pm

Writers and designers of new worlds, whether this is in a temporal form or not, requires some design finesse because of the ease of, suddenly, making duplicates, whether this is by textual component or by other artistic methods (like giving the painting a label with an unearthly name in it). » 8/25/13 4:16pm 8/25/13 4:16pm

I'm not sure of the spot rage on the Internet about Heath Ledger's character in, The Dark Knight. Mr. Ledger's, Joker, was handled as best as he could under the circumstances of portrayal, of performance, of the process of production, of the necessities of plot or story. » 8/24/13 8:15pm 8/24/13 8:15pm

Metaphoric Distillations

As far as presentation is concerned, no one should be outdone, right? We'll at one moment I was reading Gawker's introduction to its new online media program at Gawker Welcome, and the next moment I was considering the editor of Gentlemen's Quarterly, Jim Nelson's metaphoric descriptions for his April 2013 editorial,… » 8/24/13 7:34pm 8/24/13 7:34pm

Sacred Cows? Scarecrows anyone? There is plenty out there as io9 is evidence of that. If 'Honesty is our only virtue' for all the workaholics at Gawker, shouldn't egos be employed to attract patrons? I mean, individuals do understand how to impress themselves, but what of those who want to jump onto the Gawker train?… » 6/13/13 4:19pm 6/13/13 4:19pm